Go Schooled

Bringing school back to you!

About Us

Go Schooled is a blended learning educational platform that focus on equipping primary, secondary & tertiary students & schools with the resource to take online classes and operate with the use of technology.

Effective Learning
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This is a web application that acts as a way to bring school to both students and teachers. It creates an avenue to attend their everyday classes at anytime with their normal school subjects. Creation of a single education platform where different school can upload their curriculum videos to match the curriculum content.

User friendly inclined

What we see the problem as

While we await for an end to the pandemic and make plans to resume schools operations, Goschooled is providing a solution and more effective ways to optimize our educational processes.

Covid-19 pandemic led to shutdown of schools in 2020 in Nigeria and created a major problem to be solved in order to ensure learning continue. All learning institutions (private or public), primary, secondary, tertiary (e.g. schools, churches, organisations, professional institutes etc.) will need to start operating and driving learning with technology.

Aside the learning in itself, administration of the processes and managing pupils involved is required to ensure effectiveness.

Affordability of the technology to these institutions are also very important factor and simplicity of the technology provided to adapt to the existing process.

Slow education process
Inactivity of students

Our solution to the arising Issues

Provision of a multi school virtual learning platform, where video lectures are uploaded per curriculum or class. This works for the benefit of all parties involved (parents, teachers and students).

GO Schooled provides a user friendly platform where virtual classes can take place.

Easy Learning
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The features of goschooled was design to automate and replicate a physical school examination scenario where students take exams and are surpervised by examiners/lecturers during the process and many more.

Encryption System

Lecturer can upload their exams questions/answers (The content are encrypted before storage to ensure security and unauthorized access).

Tutorial & Quizzes

Lecturers can schedule the date, time and duration for the examination. Lecturers can upload turotial videos prior to the examination for their students.

Identity & Access control

Students taking a particular examination can be identified by examiners. Students/candidates also have unique access to take examinations.​​

Checks & Monitoring

Virtually Monitor all candidates activities during the examination real-time. Examiners can disqualify students on exams malpratice. Examiners can send warning chats to candidates​

Security & control

Students can only take an exam on a webcam enable device using an authorized web browser to allow remote monitoring by examiners. ​

Exam Timing

Students are timed during the examination.

How it works

The schools will be enrolled by Kreateng , enrolled school will have administrative rights to issue access pass to parents on behalf of their children ( students enrolled in their schools). Students will only be able to access content for school and class they have a pass for. 

Schools are expected to have prerecorded video classes of curriculum for students that can be accessed at anytime by students.

The access pass issued to parents for children can only have access to their classes and not any class above or below. 



$0 / free
  • 100mb of Max upload size
  • 10 videos/ subject
  • Examination
  • Quiz
  • Forum
  • 24/7 support


$30 / month
  • 150mb of Max upload size
  • 15 Videos/ Subject
  • 2 Examination slots
  • Quiz
  • Forum
  • 24/7 support


$60 / month
  • 200mb of Max upload size
  • 20 Videos/ subject
  • 5 Examination slots
  • Quiz
  • Forum
  • 24/7 support